What if you felt
Connection Love Passion Acceptance Fulfillment Joy Satisfaction Support
in your Relationships?

You can achieve as much success in
relationships as you have in your
business or career…


“The Answers”​

to Achieving An Extraordinary Love Life

If you’re a high achiever looking for deeper relationships… you’ll have questions.
Here’s your guide and the 39 most impactful answers.

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It looks like you’ve got it all...
so why doesn’t it feel like you’ve got it all?

You got it down…

And yet, do you…

You have so much and yet
you’re missing the YUMMIEST parts of life!

It’s not fair, right?

You deserve to bask in all the juicy rewards of the life you’ve built. You deserve connection, appreciation, acceptance… Love!

Are You ready to FINALLY start enjoying the spectacular life you've created?

My clients are fascinating people.

I’ve coached mayors, trust-fund-beneficiaries, world-class surgeons, celebrities, influencers, attorneys, CEOs of international corporations, as well as artists and brilliant home-schooling mothers.

Hey there, I’m Helena

I firmly believe that successful people CAN have it all… and that includes a magical, passionate, and fulfilling Love life.

Officially, I’m an Androgynous Semantic Realignment Specialist (yeah, that’s a tongue twister!)

Simplified – I show people how to realign their words to get the best out of a relationship.

I’ve worked with clients on every continent, showing them how to accomplish as much in relationships as they have in the other areas of their lives.

Instead of just telling you about it, I’d love for you to experience a taste of my work, so I’ve created a powerful Love Q&A guide so can get “The Answers” to lasting love.

Besides helping infidelity-infested marriages recover, and teaching the art of receiving...

Here are 12 totally unrelated facts about me:

…that’s so brilliant, so beautiful…
Really, really good…

John Gray, PhD
Author of “Men are from mars,
women are from venus”

Here are 6 of the many Results you'll see:

So that you can create, improve, and navigate your relationships and experience a higher level of loving!

Attract & Connect

You’ll be a master of the attracting and fueling connection for long-lasting relationships.


The people in your life will see and value the real, authentic you, not just what you can do for them.

Clean up

Easily repair relationships after the conflict in a way that actually strengthens those relationships.

Use Proven

You’ll know exactly what to say to get the results you want out of a conversation.

Bridges &

Know when to “bridge forward” and when to create elegant boundaries.

Get The Best
from Others

Be confident in your ability to bring out the best of people. And get the same back.

Get the results you deserve!

See How They Transformed Their Love Lives from Dull to DELICIOUS!

Luis P.
Felicia R.
Stacey S.
Susie A.
Jessica & Paul
Elisha C.

Elite, Private Coaching to
Upscale Your Love Life

My clients are never satisfied with “good enough.” They want the absolute best.

If you’re looking to elevate your love life, be worshiped and adored by your partner, and experience power in your relationships… My premium One-on-One coaching programs are for you.

I only select a few clients each year, so let’s make sure we’re right for each other.

These are my Premium offers:

The One of a Kind Woman

Are you exhausted from trying to hold everything together, all by yourself? Does the dog get more affection than you? Are your needs last on the list?

To be a One of a Kind Woman, you’ll need to access your 8 Feminine Superpowers. If you are a married or single woman looking to level-up your love life…

Polish up your crown and get ready to reclaim your status!

The Take Charge Man

You know you have so much to offer, but you end up in a friend zone?

Do you feel like her emotional punching bag? Is your confidence taking a hit from the lack of respect and sex?

Becoming a Take Charge Man requires a Nice Guy Makeover. If you’re a married or single man who wants to get the appreciation and respect you deserve in your relationship…

Chin up, Romeo… you’re about to become the hero of your story!

The Power Couple

Has all the passion gradually leaked out of your relationship? Do you wish you could have a conversation that ended happily, for once? Do you even remember the last time you actually had fun together?

Transform into a Power Couple with the Smart Marriage Makeover Formula. If you are a married couple or individual in a marriage and you want to revive your relationship and reignite the sparks…

Get ready to be the envy of all your friends… make your #couplegoals and fall in love all over again!

Coaching with me is a serious investment that requires all of your presence

Luxury VIP Getaways to Shed Stress and Refresh Your Life

Did you once feel like a Ferrari but now you’re feeling more like a beat up minivan? Are you so overwhelmed by the little things that you can’t see the big picture anymore? You’ve been through a lot and now you are “missing yourself”?

You want more of YOU?

Join me for a getaway to Austin, TX or exotic places like the jungles of Hawaii or the Adriatic Coast of Croatia.

Let’s go on a journey of your soul-exploration, clear out the clutter, heal the broken heart, and leave feeling renewed, invigorated, and ready to take on the world!

VIP 1:1 day trips, weekend escapes, week-long retreats… and custom experiences available for women or couples.

by Industry Leaders

Patrick Combs
Cindy Lu
Rick Wilkes
W Mitchell
John Gray
Pat Allen

See how others are
benefiting from Helena’s work

Professionals and Executives

High performers in tech and leadership, world class surgeons, International business owners, real estate investors, Trust-Fund beneficiaries and Neuro-scientist.

Influencers and Celebrities

For privacy reasons we never reveal personal details, although we’ve worked with people (you’ve definitely heard of) who are major stars, athletes, artists, mayors etc.

I thought we had good communication, but we also learned better ways to speak to each other and how to receive what the other person is saying… and the concept of “US”, rather than “I” and “YOU”. I found that very valuable.

Thank you Helena.”

– Ethan O.
Attorney & Fencing Champion
“Men have always been attracted to me, but I never had a long-term relationship. And I never understood why. Helena taught me I have been mothering these men. Because I was making their needs fulfilled so easily, there was no reason for them to want me. I’ve learned now how to be a woman, in a different way than I ever was before.”

– Burdae E.
Base Manager
“Her coaching impacted all areas of my life. The space I feel safe in is much bigger now. After about 1.5 months after a guy named 3 things and differences and changes, he noticed in me… And those were the exact 3 things Helena said I needed to change. Of course, I hated her for that… but she was right. It’s been a super fun ride and I’m excited to see where my life is going. I couldn’t say that a year ago, for sure! So I thank Helena so much for the life she has helped me create.”

– Danielle C.
Director of Engineering
“I liked Helena a lot, but I thought her tips were Bullshit. I gave it a try. I made a point to be kind to my husband, listen to him and not roll my eyes… our relationship improved. For the first time in a long time, I got a little pat on my bootie, going up the stairs the other night. And my husband got me beautiful flowers on our anniversary. I’m feeling really really positive that I can turn things around and I can make things better.”

– Lindsey T.
Writer & Artist

Imagine Having the Ability to Get What You Want from Men...

and loving every second of it! Get Access to the Top 4 Strategies of the World’s Most Powerful Women

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Coaching works because
we bring our best foot forward

About You...

(though you might not like to admit it)

(that’s a double edge sword, isn’t it?)

(for more of what really matters)

About Me...

(fiercely honest… be prepared)

(can find your magic even when you can’t)

(for high achievers who want it all)

I’ve known Helena for years, personally and professionally. I’ve referred people I absolutely care about, dear friends to work with Helena.

Because I really value masters, in the space of coaching especially.

I really value a real deal. Helena is the real deal. She is a master of her realm.

Patrick Combs

#1 Bestselling Author & Speaker

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