Helena Summer

What if you felt
Connection Love Passion Acceptance Fulfillment Joy Satisfaction Support
in your Relationships?

You can achieve as much success in
relationships as you have in your
business or career…


Helena Summer is a Master Love Coach, award-winning speaker and Relationship Educator with over two decades of international experience (and if you are calculating her age, yes, she began in kindergarden)

Actually, she began during the war in Croatia, at the age of 16. Helena ran away from a refugee camp and became a nun, committing to a life of celibacy, simplicity and poverty.

Her first romance was an arranged marriage to a former priest. 

She married and divorced (twice!) before her first date.


Helena worked with clients on every continent, lead a TV show for 7 years, was featured as an expert in the “Energy psychology” documentary and personally planted 166 trees. In the ideal world, she would live with one foot in stilettos and the other foot in the mud.

Her program “Crickets in the Bedroom” creates a more peaceful and playful world, by making every couple feel seen, desired, and connected.

Drawing on her Croatian Grandmothers wisdom and her own experience of living in two different worlds, Helena passionately champions authentic Love and Delicious lifestyle.

She is known for her  down-to-Earth practical approach and truth bombs! Working with her is like staying in a Luxury boutique hotel. White glove service and artisan-made chocolates!

My exotic accent and wisdom of the two worlds will elevate the energy and bring clarity to your audience.

Helena Summer

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Using her proprietary methods and uniquely customised approach, Helena Summer has professionally helped thousands of people, internationally.
Her teachings offer skills & strategies to re-design a new, fresh perspective and find solutions that best suits your needs.


Get ready for an exotic accent, fun and truth bombs! Helena’s speaking style is woven with her ability to connect to the audience and create a space of comfort and inspiration. Rest assured, your audience will learn and laugh.


Maureen generates workshop curriculum & agendas that are custom-tailored to the needs of her audience. Her interactive workshops are filled with hands-on exercises and meaningful discussion.


Tropical Hawaii? Exotic Croatia? Or another beauitul location? Helena creates powerfully transformative retreats where you will maintain your inner control as you expand your mind, strengthen your heart, and add on new skills.

Popular Speaking Topics

creating peaceful and playful relationships so couples can feel seen, desired and connected

every woman is born with them, every man admires them and they make the world a better place

3 powerful questions that easily bring out the best of your partner, create sweetness and reconnect you

simple 5 step process to repair (almost) any conflict and painful situation even if it happened years ago

dancing a fine line between Loving connection and Loving assertiveness



  • What were the a-ha awakening moments you got from a war and a refugee camp?
  • You had two arranged marriages and two divorces, what does that mean? How did that happen?
  • How did you take a path of Love and specialised in relationships?


  • Is it really possible to create a long lasting happy relationship?
  • Are there popular Love Myths that are actually lies?
  • What kind of “crickets” people have in their bedrooms?
  • Why do you support “Gold digging”?
  • You talk about Feminine Superpowers, what are those?
  • What are bridges and boundaries?


I speak on podcasts and at conferences internationally. If you’re desiring a vibrant and caring speaker with an unusual life story, please visit the media page for booking.

I’ve known Helena for years, personally and professionally. I’ve referred people I absolutely care about, dear friends to work with Helena.

Because I really value masters, in the space of coaching especially.

I really value a real deal. Helena is the real deal. She is a master of her realm.

Patrick Combs

#1 Bestselling Author & Speaker

Helena is sharp and creative.

She brings her unique flavor to this important teachings.

Dr. Pat Allen

Psychotherapist, Bestselling Author

That’s so brilliant… so beautiful…really, really good​

John Gray, PhD

Author of “Men are from mars,
women are from venus”

I'm on a mission to create a more peaceful and playful world, by helping you feel seen, desired and connected in your relationship. That’s Delicious!

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