Most people (especially women) apologize in a way that hurts them
and positions them as weak or powerless.

Treat yourself to the 5-Step Healing
Apology Formula Video Course

And Learn How To:

If you could make only ONE change that would create a HUGE impact in your relationships… this is it!

Get a 1+ hour video course PLUS pdf file including word-by-word scripts

I only wish I had learned this sooner!

I work hard to be the best person I can be. I don’t leave much space for mistakes. I expect a lot of myself and others. I burned bridges.

Frankly, it feels unbelievable that repairs can happen after 10+ years! This makes my private and professional life much smoother

Rose B.

I use this Formula SO MUCH!

There is a relationship that I abandoned and wanted to heal… it’s a relationship with my body.

I wrote the Healing Apology to my body. Lots of tears, lots of relief. I feel much better already… and I see myself in a much better way now. It’s amazing how this works!

Jessica G.
Private Chef

When “sorry” becomes a Fauxpology…

Simple, choose-your-own lines for more meaningful apologies and LESS guilt!

There is no such thing as “just words.” All words have power, and one of the most commonly misused is “sorry.”

Believe it or not, there are two ways to use the word “sorry”. Effective and ineffective way. One can heal, but the other can actually cause long-term damage to your relationships.

With so much at stake during “apology situations” wouldn’t it be easier if you had done-for-you scripts to use anytime you need it?


Don’t get lazy with these easy scripts! Your sincerity also matters!

The Healing Apology Formula is a 1+ hour course to teach you the pitfalls of “sorry” and the 5-step formula for reclaiming your power in conversations.

Taking Responsibility Doesn’t Have to Involve Guilt and Shame

Download the Healing Apology Formula Now


Most people (especially women) apologize in a way that hurts them and positions them as weak or powerless.


Included With The Healing Apology Formula Video Course


The Before and After Matrix for the do’s and don’ts of apologizing


The Connect/Disconnect visualization for understanding the impacts of apologies


The 3-letter script for whipping up sincere and connected dialogue

Download the Healing Apology Formula Now


What others say about
the Healing Apology Formula

What a difference!

I used your Apology Formula… and we are friends again. We go out on dates and talk for hours. Joyful time!

No more arguing, no more controlling or spying on each other. Our conversations are peaceful and respectful.

I can’t believe how supportive we are again.

Jesse J.
Investor & Para-Athlete

A must for every man!

I’m a man of few words.

We are told to stay strong and never apologize. We know how that works!.

Women want all these “right” words.
But this formula is easy! I just open up the template and choose one sentence from each step. This is a must for every man!

Patrick A.
Managing Consultant

It works!!!

I started with my desire to heal my relationships with people. I used it for my children, my father… and for my house!

This house has been neglected in the past.

Relationship is now re-vitalized. It’s not just a big empty house anymore. It’s big house full of love and happy memories!

Diane L.
Mother of Five

Renewed Relationship

I liked Helena a lot, but I thought her tips were Bullshit.

I gave it a try. I made a point to be kind to my husband, listen to him and not roll my eyes… our relationship improved.

I’m feeling really, really positive that I can turn things around and I can make things better.”

Lindsay T.
Writer & Artist

Ready to transform?

Download the Healing Apology Formula Now


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