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Love Glitch Matrix

Unlock the mysteries of your relationship issues

If you are pulling your hair out trying to figure out WHY???, this Love Glitch Matrix will save the day (and your hair)!

  • Why is he avoiding me?
  • Why is she so critical?
  • What’s the reason we can’t just get along?
  • Why are we bored with each other?

When relationships get confusing, you need to uncover the real reason for it.

Love Glitch Matrix helps you see why you have ANY (and all) problems in your Love.



Say goodbye to pulling your hair out trying to figure out why you have problems. Our matrix lays it all out for you in a clear and organized way. No more guessing games!


Who has time to waste figuring out their problems? With this matrix, you'll have the answers almost instantly. It's like having a personal detective on your side.


This is a self-help tool that can be used at any time and place, also in conjunction with therapy, counseling, or other professional services to provide additional support.


Feeling helpless with your problems?
The Love Glitch Matrix helps you take control of your situation and create peace of mind, making you empowered.


Became a "Love-Buddha” and take advantage of your relationship problems and grow spiritually, developing presence and mindfulness.


Why spend a fortune on therapy when you can have the answer “Why?” without even scheduling an appointment? It's like having a personal therapist in your pocket, for free.


Not for the faint of heart. This is only for those who are ready to play a bigger game in love and life.

Who am I to help you?

Meet Helena Summer, your go-to love coach for the crème de la crème of the world! 

With over 20 years of experience (yes, I started young), I’ve dedicated my life to solving the biggest Love questions of all time. “Why?” questions!

Think sky-high intuition, down-to-earth advice, and the occasional truth bomb.
Work with me and you’ll feel like a VIP at a fancy hotel, with white glove service and artisanal chocolates.

Come for the love advice, stay for the refreshment and deliciousness.