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Has the passion disappeared from your relationship?

Do you crave the days when your man looked at you with nothing but desire in his eyes… but now all you feel is disinterest and rejection?

Or does HE still look at you that way, but YOU find it impossible to get in the mood… and doing the deed just feels like another chore on your to-do list?

Or maybe you’re both so exhausted and overwhelmed by day-to-day life that making love hasn’t been a priority.

Most couples experience Crickets in the Bedroom at some point in their life. But you don’t have to settle for an “ok, fine, so-so” relationship.

Leave the crickets for the outdoors and bring magic back to your bedroom!

It's time to create Delicious Sexy Love

Once upon a time, there was this 29-year-old blonde.

She was smart, well traveled, multilingual, and attractive… but apparently, only to other men, not her own husband.

He was not interested in her stories, her wit or even in her young, fit body.

He’d prefer watching TV … and sleeping on his side of the bed, turned away from her.


As every assertive woman would do, she looked for the reasons and concluded:

“My boobies are too small, my accent is too thick, I’m too awkward. And I talk too much. I’m too much…

…but I’m still not enough for him”

She didn’t feel seen, desired or connected.

She just felt resented.

Being married was the loneliest feeling in the world for … me.

I'm that woman.

And I was just one of many millions of women around the world who experience aloneness in marriage.

A high percentage of divorces in this modern time happen because there is no magic in the bedroom.

Actually, more often than not, there is NOTHING happening in the bedroom.

Nothing but crickets.

That’s something people are ashamed to admit.

It’s a personal and private, tender and vulnerable state.

If you are going through similar, I’ve got some good news for you:

-* It doesn’t have to stay this way forever! *-

As a former nun with a vow of celibacy, it’s no wonder that I developed a guilt-shame framed opinion about sex. I had to learn a lot about body, feelings and partnership in order to even consider giving myself permission to enjoy the hot and steamy life that a female body craves.

Crickets in the Bedroom is an epidemic!… and that’s why I want to help you solve it with my program:

Where you'll learn how to makeover your relationship to feel seen, desire and connected in 90 days or less

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

And even though you’ve tried a bunch of ways to spice things up, or even just to have a conversation about more than the weather, you feel like you’re just drifting further and further apart.

The struggle is real.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your sex life would get
better and better... like a fine wine?

For example:

On the ordinary Tuesday, your husband sends you flowers and a message:


"Don’t worry about the dinner tonight. I got a surprise for you. Just wear that red dress and a driver will pick you up at 6pm”

Oh la la… you feel all special and powerful.

You sexy up enthusiastically and brag to the driver about your dynamic life.

He takes you to a romantic location where your husband greets you with utmost mystery and takes you to the first dark corner to passionately kiss you, telling you how attractive you are, devouring you with his eyes.

And that’s before you even sit for a dinner.

Some people will tell you that a relationship like that is just a "silly fantasy"

But what if you could turn your OWN version of that fantasy into your REALITY?

Let me tell you that it’s not just wishful thinking. 

There are actual skills to master and specific tools to use to reignite that spark in your relationship and feel as deeply connected as you did in your Honeymoon days. 

So, what will help you get there?
Not sexier lingerie,
not a candle-lit dinner,
nor a long conversation about what’s wrong in your relationship.

Definitely not that!

So, what's THE Answer?

You only need to do 2 things when it comes to your relationship: Work and Play.

Contrary to the popular belief, work and play are not the opposite.
Opposite of work is inactivity.
Opposite of play is boredom.
You gotta do both!

And guess what? 

"Delicious Sexy Love" will show you how!

You will learn how to:

  • Ask for what you want in a feminine way so he can actually hear you and be compelled to make your desires come true
  • Read into each other’s cues so that you both are responsive, in sync and genuinely have best interests at heart
  • Makeover yourself and your relationship whenever there is a need
  • Repair mistakes so there is passion in your relationship and a feeling of security
  • Create a connection even when you feel there is none left


Using my unique framework, we’ll focus on how you engage and communicate with each other both inside, and outside the bedroom.

We’ll focus on:


How you feel about yourself as a woman and how to step into your most vibrant self


Understand how your man thinks so he will want to care for you lovingly


Unravel the negative patterns you’ve created in your relationship and bring back the spice and excitement

The Proof

Now during this pandemic, I see more than ever how important the lessons I learned from Helena are to my marriage.
Staying open and receptive to my husband has him stepping up every day. Even after 7 years together we continue to grow! We continue to have better and better sex! He continues to show me in small and big ways that he wants to be my man and my rock!
I know for a fact without Helena, I wouldn’t now be in a wonderful caring loving marriage with a man who loves and respects me completely.
LA, California
… so my self esteem grows… … and he gives me more and more affection, love proofs and commitment.

Just this evening, coming home from my tango lesson: a whole romantic meal ready, he made me dance with him in a very sensual and loving way, he opened about his career choices, asking my opinion on things.

This is life changing, for someone who loves romantic love like me! Thank you, my dear Helena.
Paris, France
When he got back from his trip and we're finally in bed, he was the most passionate ever. He was deep kissing me with hunger that hasn't been like that since we first got together.
He is not a romantic type, so I thought I had to settle for this empty boring sex life, but somehow, everything you say is coming true, so he is more open and loving... really matching my own openness and receptivity. I like it!



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Helena Summer

What Gives Me The Right To Teach You How To Create Delicious Sexy Love?

I help you normalize Love, connection and playfulness in your own relationship. Obviously, I’m really good at what I do, because I’ve helped thousands of women uplift their relationship with themselves and their man.

I’m here to create a more peaceful and playful world, by making every couple I meet feel seen, desired and connected.

Here’s how we'll say Goodbye to those Pesky Crickets:

“Delicious Sexy Love” is both simple and completely transformative.

It’s designed to be manageable and soften your busy life, not add more work to your schedule.

You’ll receive a new module every week for 6 weeks. Each module leads you through the exact step by step insights you can use to increase the connection in your relationship.

This training includes everything – from clearing traumatic love-related memories, and stopping self-sabotage, right through to helping you decode your partner’s responses.
It’s packed with simple, practical, and fun ideas and activities to shake up your sheets.

But we don’t stop there!

Change doesn’t happen overnight and I want to support you while you make “Delicious Sexy Love” a part of your everyday reality. 

That’s why you’ll have access to Weekly Q&A and Coaching Support with me for a full 90 Days to ask questions and get advice for YOUR unique relationship. 

Comprehensive Online Training

Six highly-practical and motivating modules with videos to walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to put in place to let these crickets go. Access 24-7 so you can learn at your own pace and revisit the lessons as your relationship progresses.

Practical exercises & worksheets

Simple guidance, PDFs, checklists and physical gift box so you can implement what you are learning.

Members-Only Guest Expert Training

Learn from my own mentors and colleagues. Get familiar with different approaches to experience the deepest love and connection of your life.

Weekly live calls with Helena Summer

Meet live, 2x a week, to ask questions, expand your mind and receive private coaching on your specific situation. Our calls are recorded so you can get answers even if you can’t attend every call.

Access to a Community, including myself

To share ideas, play together and see that you are not alone in this journey.

Special gift in the mail

To connect with your man in a fun and inviting way.

We had so much fun! I got beard rash all over my face! We wore each other out!
AGE 60+

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re feeling scared, nervous or skeptical – that’s totally okay and totally normal. If you want all of the information before committing, I’m happy to answer your questions.

Will this save my relationship?

There’s a difference between relationships that have drifted apart, and those that are on the brink of divorce. “Delicious Sexy Love” is designed for couples who still have plenty of love for each other, but the passion, excitement and romance has evaporated. Believe me, if we don’t address those issues NOW, divorce may eventually be on the cards, but this program is for you if you want to do everything you can to get your connection back. 

How long is the program?

You’ll receive a new training module every week, for 6 weeks. But the support doesn’t stop there. Get your questions answered and receive coaching and advice for your unique situation on our weekly Q&A calls for a full 90 Days. 

When are the calls?

We have two calls each week on DAY/TIME & DAY/TIME, to help you fit the program into your schedule. You only need to attend one call each week to get the advice you need. But don’t worry if you have a clash in your calendar. You can still submit your questions ahead of time and I’ll answer you in the recording.  

Is the program private and confidential?

You will be in community with other women experiencing the exact same challenges as you. The nature of our conversations will mean that we often share private and intimate details of our relationship. This may be the only place you’ve ever been able to say such things out loud. As such, confidentiality is extremely important to ensure every member feels safe enough to share. Every participant is expected to uphold the strictest level of confidentiality to maintain a safe space. 

You do NOT deserve to settle for a mediocre relationship and it IS possible to bring back the energy, excitement and passion you once had.

Let me help you to feel seen, desired and connected in 90 Days or less and let’s create a more peaceful and playful world… one bedroom at a time.



Most Flexible

$1250x 3 monthly payments

Now Just

$999x 3

monthly payments

Best Value


Now Just


one-time payment


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