Want Answers To Your Love Problems, Quickly and Reliably?

Are you eager to get this answers to your most burning Love Questions, but you simply don’t have time? Let’s turn that around NOW with…

Unlimited “Quickie” Coaching

Reconnect to your partner and clear up verbal mes! Get answers to your communication dilemmas fast, with a lot of fun along the way!

Juliet lived for Romeo. He was everything to her. She loved him with all of her heart, and told him that, often.

But she failed to communicate most crucial part – that she is about to fake her own death for them.

Romeo, not being informed, thinks Juliet is really dead. He takes the poison and dies next to her.

Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo dead. She then kills herself with his knife.

They paid the ultimate price for something that could be prevented quickly and easily, with proper words, at the right time!

If you struggle to express yourself or tell your partner what you really need and want in relationship, or if you just constantly go with whatever he says to keep the peace? 

You just end up feeling like a doormat who never gets your needs met!

Just like with Romeo & Juliet, so many of our problems could be easily resolved if you just knew WHAT to say, WHEN to say it… and HOW to say it.

When you do know how to communicate, so many wonderful things can happen as a result – connection, support, sweetness, stability, playfulness… and magic in the bedroom!

What if you have someone in your pocket who can help you figure that out? And what if you could do it in just 15 minutes?


Unlimited “Quickie” Coaching

Reconnect to your partner in just 90 days or less!

Get Answers to your communication dilemmas fast, so you can confidently ask for what you need, with a lot of fun along the way!

This Love Amplifier Package gives you unlimited access to “Quickie” Coaching sessions.

That’s bite-size 15-minute coaching with Helena Summer, an expert communicator who can help you figure out how to express your needs and what to say!

With unlimited QUICKIE Coaching you can:

This is what you get

90-days of UNLIMITED personalized 15-minute “Quickie” sessions, whenever you need

Confidentiality, privacy and professional support (sometimes tough love too)

Pick my brain right away, when you need an answer. I’ll whip up awesome scripts for you!

Strategic assignments to improve your communication and Amplify the Love you have with your partner.

1. BONUS: 90-day email access to me, if you need assistance with homework. VALUE: $1497

2. BONUS: 30-minutes jumpstart session to dig into your communications dilemma and set you up for Love. VALUE: $497

       Instead of giving a “Silent Treatment”, give a “Quickie”!

This is how it works


We start with a 30-minute introductory call to talk about your current Love situation and determine your relationship goals for the next 90 days.


Through each Quickie Coaching session, we will identify your highest priority dilemma and exactly how to tackle it. 

Together, we will agree on the specific action you need to take to get you to your goal


Leave each Quickie session with fun, and easy, yet powerful action steps. This creates incredible momentum in your relationship.

When you complete it, you can book your next Quickie!

Improve your communication, Amplify the Love in your relationship and have me as your personal Love Mentor for the next 90-days:

Love Amplifier “Quickie” Coaching

Only 2997

This is not a digital program, this is PERSONALIZED 1:1 Private Coaching.

High Quality, Fast and Affordable Coaching

Like on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, it’s a Lifeline... but here you can have as many 15-minute lifelines as you need.

This is NOT for you if:

This IS for you if:

Why Can I Offer This for Such a Low Price?

This program is all about Love action.

The strict (and I mean no exceptions) 15-minute Quickie time is designed for us to work on one most important thing at a time. It keeps us super focused because there is no time to waste on being stuck.

My best clients are busy professionals who want answers and value short, sweet and to the point.

If this sounds like you, you will love this no-nonsense approach.


You can schedule as many 15-minute Quickie sessions as you like, but only one at a time AFTER you have completed your assignment from the previous call.

This accountability will assure you get the results you want. (Obviously, this is not for sluggish or indifferent ones)

THE REASON: I’m offering this because you are ready to do what it takes! 15 minutes is the sweet spot to ask your question, get your answer and move on fast.

I can help many more people in short increments with this super affordable no-brainer offer.


If during our Jumpstart call either of us feels that we are not the right match for this coaching partnership, your money will be refunded right away, and we part as friends. 

No risk whatsoever!

I don’t think I can make this any more clear. If you crave a deeper connection and a better communication but don’t have time for lengthy therapy sessions, join me for this no-brainer and amplify your Love Life.



Confidential and Quick Coaching Service

I’m only accepting fast action-taking clients to this program. If you are ready to amplify your Love Life, join me now!

Only 2997

Not a digital program. It's customized 1:1 PRIVATE coaching


If you heard my story, you probably know that I have been helping people since I became a nun, at the age of 16. That was my service to the world and I did it for free. For the love of humanity.

Since then, I have PERSONALLY helped thousands of people with their emotions, stressors, anger, jealousy, anxiety, guilt… you name it.

I helped them overcome broken hearts, create dating profiles, go on many fun dates, find new love, receive abundantly, get married, repair conflicts, create a family, deal with inlaws, use these skills at work, fall in love with themselves – and even go through a gracious divorce.

My current private coaching packages start at $10,000. This is the ONLY way you can work with me, pick my brain and get me on the team with such a no-brainer offer!

Are you ready to communicate better than Juliet? Click here.

Only 2997

 Improve your Love Life today! 
(This is not a digital program. This is PRIVATE 1:1 coaching with me directly)

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”

- Juliet

(while standing on the balcony, desiring a Quickie)

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