An Advanced Inner Work Course Empowering Professional Women with Practical and Spiritual Skills to Eliminate Drama and Step Into Power

They say Women manipulate men with their emotions.
They say Women are crazy.
They say Women should sacrifice their desires for relationship harmony.

I say: Nope. Not true.

Listen, when people go around spewing those lies, it’s just a reflection of their own inferior or traumatic experiences with love, women, and power. Now, here’s the truth, as I’ve seen it:

When a woman shows up with her feminine power, not dragging along her self-doubtful story, the world opens up! Men, in their true essence, naturally get inspired by her, do things for her, elevate her life, and provide as much as they actually can.

Since 2001, I worked with incredible clients on every continent (yes, including Antarctica), and here’s what I know for sure:

She who decides to claim her power, not to dominate men, but to govern her own existence, is on a deeply fulfilling path of self-mastery.

Lipstick, Wisdom & Sword

Joyfully Reclaim your Feminine Power in 2024

In only 6 weeks, you’ll go from experiencing stress, and limitations to confidently navigating your relationship. No drama, just power!

We’ll identify your power leaks in relationships and romance, patch them up, and replace them with empowering thoughts and practical strategies to elevate your experience. Daily.

Feminine power is not about pushing, forcing or using tactics. It’s about aligning in a practical way.

Lipstick, Wisdom & Sword will show you how to:

They need to find a center line between being a chicken little and dike. They need to quit looking at power in masculine terms, but in feminine instead.

Maculine terms is – winners vs losers.

My way vs his way.. I want MY share

Feminine way is – connection, colaboration… and she doesn’t want her share, she wants everything!

Everything that matters that is.

When you know what matters, you can have everything!

When you don’t know what maters, you fight for everything

If you fight your man, you lose if you win and you lose if you lose. You don’t want to demasuline your man, it won’t make you happy either way.

If you are a successful woman, but feel powerless because...

… It’s time to use one of your 3 Superpowers - Lipstick, Wisdom or Sword!

Here's what you will receive in this 6-week Program

The Price of Harmony: Taming Relationship Drama

Secrets of Strength: Unveiling Hidden Power

Game-Free Love: Navigate Power Struggles with Ease

Lipstick, Wisdom, Sword: Graceful Empowerment Toolkit

Eclipse Empowerment: Your Personal Moment of Alignment

Daily Power Play: Leveraging Strength in Every Interaction

- Lipstick, Wisdom & Sword - Joyfully Reclaim Your Feminine Power in 2024

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What It Includes

6 X 90-minute group coaching calls LIVE

Q&A with Hot seat coaching

5 Stages of Empowerment in a Relationship Roadmap

Access to our invite-only community for peer support

Lifetime access to the Lipstick, Wisdom & Sword - Feminine Empowerment Course

Step-by-Step Power Plan Checklist

Powerful communication word-by-word scripts

#1 Power Leak Every Woman must stop

Fast Action Bonus:

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If you are among the first 3 women to join Lipstick, Wisdom & Sword, you get a bonus private coaching session with me!

Christmas at the Zoo - Live Masterclass with Q&A

How to navigate stress and the company of too many people, friends, and family in a simple, fun, mentally empowered way and not be triggered by things that usually get you off track. Strategies apply in other situations, not just holidays.

Year Long Joy - Live Masterclass with Q&A

Down-to-earth, practical ways to develop, create, and maintain authentic joy despite stress, tension, or arguments.

Mud & Gold - Live Masterclass with Q&A

My own, lifelong, personal Daily Nurturing Routine that changes everything when life gets hard. In many ways, this saved me through war and kept my sanity when I thought I would lose it.


If after the first Live Masterclass, you don’t think you got value from the information, or you can’t stand my sexy Dracula accent, just let me know and you’ll receive the refund right away, and we part as friends.

No risk whatsoever!

I don’t think I can make this any more clear. If you crave a deeper connection to YOUR OWN POWER and better communication in your relationship join me for this no-brainer opportunity and experience what a strong, mature, and joyful woman you are

- Lipstick, Wisdom & Sword - Joyfully Reclaim Your Feminine Power in 2024

Usually $3000.00

Now Only $997


90-day UNLIMITED coaching package for only $997

Only 5 spots available at this Special 67% off


If you heard my story, you probably know that I have been helping people since I became a nun, at the age of 16. That was my service to the world and I did it for free. For the love of humanity.

Since then, I have PERSONALLY helped thousands of people with their emotions, stressors, anger, jealousy, anxiety, guilt… you name it.

I helped them overcome broken hearts, create dating profiles, go on many fun dates, find new love, receive abundantly, get married, repair conflicts, create a family, deal with inlaws, use these skills at work, fall in love with themselves – and even go through a gracious divorce.

You don’t have to do this alone!

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