When you “Ferrari up”, (almost) anything is possible!

Get the tools you need to uplevel your woman-ness

"Ferrari up!" is a Deluxe 60 min training + Q&A (yours absolutely FREE)

Don’t rely on Beauty & Brains only! (There is more to you!)

Navigating your Middle-Age as a Pro

Bring out the qualities of a Worthy Man (out of a “regular” guy)

Boys grow up having posters of fancy cars all over the walls. No boy dreams of a beat-up minivan… so Ferrari up!

60 minutes of powerful juicy content, structured and organized into small easy-to-follow segments 30 min of Q&A

Download Your FREE GIFT “Ferrari up!” and learn why your attitude controls the way he perceives you.

"Well. This first class was a real kick in the seat!"

I really haven’t cared much how I look or dress for two years. I’m in a mask all day at work, so I’ve had my hair up in scrunchie or something that keeps my hair out of my face. I’m a mess.

So now it’s time to Ferrari up/up my game.

Thanks for the opportunity to hear your warm and soothing voice. You provide such a safe space for me to feel all the feelings that I’d rather ignore.

– Linda

What's in the training?

Hey, I'm Helena

I am a Professional Love Coach for High Achievers, with over two decades of experience… (and if you are calculating my age, yes, I began in kindergarten)

I experienced a war and a refugee camp. I became a nun (as a teenager). When that was over, I decided to study Love, so I went on dates with more than 500 men – to interview them and understand who they are.

I am known for my down-to-Earth practical approach and truth-bombs!

We are here together to create a playful and peaceful relationship and the world.

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