Did you enjoy your experience with Felicia?

…you feel like a model?

I’m the one who sponsored the little lunch/snack for your utmost experience

I’d appreciate knowing you and connecting about this experience!

A diagnosis of cancer can affect every aspect of life — including all your relationships.

Join me for a 30 min conversation where we’ll meet and talk about what’s going on in your marriage.

As Felicias Love Coach, I’m happy to connect and help you to:

… and… you can ask me (a relationship expert) anything that’s on your heart

What's the cost you ask?

It’s totally free

(and yes, if you are interested in creating powerful changes as we created in Felicias marriage, I’m appy to support you too)

Is this confidential?

Yes, of course!

I will be absolutely private, woman to woman conversation!

Your answers will help me understand what women are struggling with and what you can do to get the spark back.

We will make it fun and relaxing... and maybe a little cheeky too…

Find the best fitting time, we only need about 30 minutes


Hi, I’m Helena Summer, a Professional Love Coach for High Achievers, with over two decades of experience… (and if you are calculating my age, yes, I began in kindergarten)

My husband has had the Kidney Cancer, so I understand what it does to a relationship.

This topic is fascinating and absolutely beautiful, it got me to devote my life to creating a more peacefu and playful world, one bedroom at the time.

Do you like down-to-Earth practical approach and truth bombs? Working with me is like staying in a Luxury boutique hotel. White glove service and artisan-made chocolates! You’ll walk out feeling refreshed and delicious!

Helena Summer

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